My Avatar

The other day I made my avatar. It was really fun because you got to choose everything that went on your avatar and make it like you. My avatar relates to me because I am holding a dog(I love dogs) and I have got brown/blond hair so I just went with the brown it was easier. I have also got pants and a t-shirt on because I don’t like wearing dresses or skirts. I like my avatar because it has a bit of creativity in it but it is mostly just me and how I am. I hope you like making yours as much as I did good luck. Here is a picture of my avatar.

Photos of memories

So rule of thirds we don’t hear these words all the time do we.  So what does it mean? Well i am going to tell you right now. The rule of thirds is like putting a noughts and crosses grid over your photo. This helps to attract your eyes to the main points of the photo you have taken. So when people look at you photo they can emagine the lines and match them to the main points. Here are a couple of examples.


My Favourite Place In The Prep Play Ground


This picture follows the rule of thirds because when I put the grid over the top of it the line from the top down goes straight through the middle of the blue pole which is one of the main points of the picture.



My favorite place in the school


This is of the monkey bars this follows the rule of thirds because the side lines of the grid match up to the side lines of the monkey bars.






So that’s the rule of thirds I hoped you liked it.







The Animal Hunt

img_0493For the past few weeks we have been working on our picture story books for our  prep buddies. My book is called the Animal Hunt. It is about a girl who goes on a excursion and is very worried because it is her first one. And once she is there and in the action it is like she has done it before. It took me a while to write the book but it took me longer to do the drawing because I tryed to add a lot of detail. But with patience I was able to finish. I am so excited to be able to share by book with my buddy.

Lacrosse in 5/6 sport

img_0415 img_0416BOOM!!! The game was on red vs blue mixed teams! We had subs which were the boys first while the girls played each other and put blood and sweat into every move. Then the boys were on they worked just as hard. In the end it was a draw because nobody scored but is was still a very intense game of lacrosse! It was really fun to learn how to play because I had never even heard of it until we did it in 5/6 sport.

I think it was a good idea to do sports we had never herd of before because its gives us experience in a wide mixture of different sports and teaches how to do them! I loved it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Here is a picture of the lacrosse sticks!


img_0387 img_0388On Wednesday the 12th of October I had art! I started to design my skateboard. We had to think of 2 designs to present on our skateboard.   I choose to do words on a black with different coloured splattered  background. I really liked how we could make it our own by making up our own design. Here is something like my design!