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The other day I made my avatar. It was really fun because you got to choose everything that went on your avatar and make it like you. My avatar relates to me because I am holding a dog(I love dogs) and I have got brown/blond hair so I just went with the brown it was easier. I have also got pants and a t-shirt on because I don’t like wearing dresses or skirts. I like my avatar because it has a bit of creativity in it but it is mostly just me and how I am. I hope you like making yours as much as I did good luck. Here is a picture of my avatar.

2 thoughts on “My Avatar

  1. Hi Sophie!

    I was reading your post, and I saw we had something in common! We both like dogs! I have two dog named Hazel and Bella!
    I have a few questions about where you live, because I am from Hawaii and I want to hear about other people’s living places!
    What time do you go to school?
    What time do you come home from school?
    What do you like to do on you’re free time?
    If you want, you can checkout my Blog (

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