Lacrosse in 5/6 sport

img_0415 img_0416BOOM!!! The game was on red vs blue mixed teams! We had subs which were the boys first while the girls played each other and put blood and sweat into every move. Then the boys were on they worked just as hard. In the end it was a draw because nobody scored but is was still a very intense game of lacrosse! It was really fun to learn how to play because I had never even heard of it until we did it in 5/6 sport.

I think it was a good idea to do sports we had never herd of before because its gives us experience in a wide mixture of different sports and teaches how to do them! I loved it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Here is a picture of the lacrosse sticks!


img_0387 img_0388On Wednesday the 12th of October I had art! I started to design my skateboard. We had to think of 2 designs to present on our skateboard.   I choose to do words on a black with different coloured splattered  background. I really liked how we could make it our own by making up our own design. Here is something like my design!


First Day Back At School

Hi guys,

Today I am going to talk about my first day back at school after term 3.

As I arrived at school everyone had a big smile on their face. Everyone was jumping up and down and hugging each other as they arrived.  When the bell went we all went and sat in the middle of the classroom and talked about what we did on the holidays. It felt like we did a lot of work throughout the day but it went quickly as well. We learned about themes of books and show don’t tell and how to use it in our writing. As we headed near the end of the day I think everyone was a bit tired because we hadn’t done a lot of work in a while. Apart from that I think everyone was glad to see friends again!!!!!