Eureka Stockade

In inquiry we have been learning about people who have influenced Australia. In my class half the grade is doing a family member from the need Kelly gang, but the other half of my class is doing a different person who influenced Australia. Like someone from the rum rebellion, the Eureka Stockade and even down to a famous explorer. I have chosen a little girl from the Eureka Stockade called Sarah.

Now here is a link that I found helpful when I was researching about my character. I chose this link because I found that most parts were easy to understand and it helped me learn more about my characters life and what it was like back then.


Alice Miranda at sea

Alice Miranda at sea is a book about a little girl called Alice Miranda. She is a adventurous and smart girl who is always there to help when you need. She is a caring and friendly person  but some people are mean to her, but she doesn’t care at all because she just try’s to help them understand that it is wrong.

Alice Miranda is going on a journey on a crew ship for her aunties wedding she is so excited because she has never been on a crew ship before! On the crew ship she sees her family and friends and they all jump to joy with excitement! On the way there are a few hiccups on board the ship because there is a random boy on the ship that nobody knows wandering around. Apart from that it as a big adventure for Alice Miranda!