Zoos are not essential

Imagine being separated from your family to go live in a depressing cage. Well this is what happens to animals in the zoo. It’s like being in jail for doing nothing wrong. You come home to your house were you know your safe but at the zoo your not certain to stay where you are.

Even though some animals are endangered like the African wild dog the animals that aren’t I think they need to be set free in their natural habitat. And the animals that are should have a special facility to be able to go to get their numbers back up again, and then be set free back into their natural habitat.

In the wild, animals learn to hunt and find food for themselves but in the zoo the food is just given to them. What does that teach the animals? What if they go back into the wild and have no idea how to hunt or find a shelter to sleep in. Because then you will have to start worrying about the numbers of that specie.

Okey yes zoos are fun to go to and it is good to be able to see all the animals. But what if there are other ways to do this. Why don’t we just leave them in their natural habitat and go out in safari trucks and see how the animals actually do things by themselves. There wouldn’t be long lines and everyone would get a perfect view of all the animals and how they bond together.

To sum up my statement on why we should not have zoos, I would like to say just take a minute to think if you were an animal and if you would rather be locked up in somewhere you don’t feel safe or would you rather be in your home where you know you are safe and secure?